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9 Affordable Staging Tips you Should Try

9 Home Staging TipsVarious studies have found that home staging helps a home sell faster and for about 1% to 5% more than the listing price. While Boulder County, Colorado has lately been a seller’s market along with most other locations in the United States, it’s still highly advisable to stage your home to achieve the best results.

Professional home stagers know what it takes to make a buyer fall in love with a home. But you may also try your hand at staging to save on costs. With the right steps, you can achieve your staging objectives without spending a fortune.

Here are some affordable staging hacks you might want to consider:

  1. Remove clutter and personal objects like photographs and memorabilia. This will achieve two things – make your home appear more spacious and help make it easier for buyers to see themselves living in it. Replace your personal mementos with artworks, neutral décor, books and similar objects.
  2. Give your bathrooms a quick facelift. You can make your bathroom look and feel new by painting existing cabinets, scrubbing the tiles clean, adding a shower curtain, and updating the hardware. Put clean white towels for a sanitized look.
  3. Make sure the master bedroom will appeal to both men and women. Don’t use colors and decors that are either too “feminine” or “masculine.” The walls should have a neutral color and the bedding should match or complement the walls.
  4. Paint the walls a neutral color. Buyers will likely see a pink bedroom or a yellow kitchen as an additional expense, as they will want to have it repainted. You may have an accent wall in a different color from the rest, but ideally, the color should still be a neutral one and must blend in well with the rest of the home.
  5. Add welcoming and homey accessories. Fresh flowers, fruit bowls, coffee cups, welcome mats, cookie jars – accents like these help give life to an empty space.
  6. Make sure the rooms are well lit. Good lighting can go a long way towards enhancing your home’s appeal. Change old light bulbs and use new ones with the right wattage. Use window shades with a light color and put them up when a buyer comes to let natural light in.
  7. Draw attention to your home’s architectural features, such as a cozy fireplace or a bay window. If a room has no such feature, create a focal point. Arrange furniture, artworks, décor or attractive plants to bring attention to the desired area of the room.
  8. Get rid of bad smells. If your carpet reeks of pet odor, change it or have it cleaned and deodorized. If your home has been vacant for some time, it might acquire a stale odor. Keep your home smelling fresh by occasionally opening the windows and using scented potpourri, plug in air fresheners or similar devices. Put something in the oven when buyers come over. But make sure the scent is not too overpowering or buyers might think you’re trying to mask an unpleasant odor.
  9. Improve your curb appeal. First impressions are very important in selling a home. Grab buyers’ attention even before they enter the home. Trim your lawn, wash the patio, add more potted plants and flowers, and give your exterior walls a new coat of paint.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Boulder County, I can give you the expert guidance that you need. Call me at 303-443-6161 or 303-359-6627, or email me at MHughes@LIVSIR.com.