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Moving with Kids: What You Need to Know

moving with kids

You’ve finally found the home of your dreams, and can’t wait to start an new chapter of your life there. Less enthused are your kids, though, who dread having to uproot the life they know and love.

While moving houses is always tough, there are several ways you can make it easier for them:

Explain the Move

Long before the big day, talk to your kids about why you’re moving and why it will be good for the family. This will give you a chance to hear their concerns, and reassure them that things will be alright. You can also tell them about your own experiences of moving house, and how you coped.

Involve your Kids

Moving is a major life change that can be quite overwhelming for kids. By involving them in the process, however, you can give them a measure of control. If they’re old enough, let them help pick out suitable properties or get their feedback on ones you’ve shortlisted. They can also help decide which possessions you’ll keep, and which ones you can sell or donate.

Hold a See-you-soon Party

Saying goodbye is the hardest part of moving, but you can lessen your kids’ anxiety by holding a see-you-soon party. Make sure that both parents and kids exchange contact details during the event. If your new home is near enough, you can also use this opportunity to start discussing a visit in the future.

Have Someone Watch the Kids

Come moving day, older kids can help organize or load belongings into the moving trucks. But if you have tiny tots, arrange for a relative or nanny to watch over them. That way, you can avoid untoward incidences and you can focus more on finishing the move. Consider having the same arrangements during your first few days at your new home, as you’ll be busy unloading and setting up the place.

Organize a First-night Box

Everything you need to make your kids’ first night in your new home comfortable should be in this box. These include your kids’ favorite toys, a change of clothes, beddings, snacks, and drinks, toiletries, plates, and cutleries. Load this box last (and preferably in your own car) so you can easily access it when you arrive.

Set up Bedrooms First

You don’t want to sleep on a futon on your first night, so set up the bedrooms first. Try to make your children’s rooms resemble their old ones as much as possible to make them more comfortable in your new home. The same is true for other parts of your house, especially communal spaces such as the living room or kitchen.

Resume your Routine

Your home may be new, but your daily routine shouldn’t be. Wake up at the same time each day, continue Taco Tuesdays, and go on your usual out-of-town weekend trips—anything to bring back a sense of normalcy during this time of upheaval.

Moving houses can be challenging but exciting time for families, and hopefully, the tips above will help make it that much easier.

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